Appear on the 13th China gko industrial grand international tyre fair

Date:2015-09-15 11:10:00

On September 9, 2015-11, the 13th China international tyre fair was held in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center.Gko industrial dispatched more than 30 professional and technical and sales personnel to attend this tyre fair, in the full state of mind, with the latest research results at the China international tyre expo center hall booth no. 5503 C, warmly welcomed the audience friends from all over the world.Assistant chairman of the board of directors of the company chairman, President and CEO of Li Shutong Ding Ronghui XieJieYun director of management center, and other executives on the ground, negotiation with customers from all directions.

Show after the opening, put in the centre of the C library gko industrial booth has been one of the major manufacturers and professional focus area, an endless stream of people to come to discuss the consultation.A rough statistics, gko industrial exhibition received more than 800 people for three days.Guests from over 20 countries and regions at home and abroad came to negotiate, the scene is very hot.
Gko aluminium alloy wheel hub higher strength and better toughness, lightweight effect is better, 50% lighter than the steel wheel;Aluminum wheel hub 30% lighter than others.
Gko forging aluminium wheel polishing, anodic oxidation or spraying a variety of surface treatment technology, such as give each hub and beautiful appearance.
Gko forging aluminum wheel hub design degrees of freedom, can be combined with the model, do car, round body, all show finishedThe United States.
Gko forging aluminium wheel, can effectively reduce CO2 emissions, energy conservation and emissions reduction effect is better.
Gko forging aluminium wheel, can effectively increase the load, improve trucks, semi tractor and other commercial vehicle weight of goods;And has a better heat dissipation, can effectively decrease the rate of car flat tire, reducing tire wear and prolong the service life of tires, reduce the braking system of the cost of maintenance.
Many new customers cooperation intentions clear, said he hoped to be able to obtain samples gko industrial exhibition, there are a few more customers to sign the contract on the spot, placing orders.
Stand in Shanghai aluminum exhibition of the simple and colorful stage, gko industry very confident show more high quality products in the future.

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