One-Person Shows
The Nasrudin Gallery, Boston: 1974 & 1976
Orr’s Gallery, San Diego: 1979

Two-Person Shows
The Nasrudin Gallery, Boston: 1974
The Cambridge Public Library: 1976

Invitational Exhibitions
Sharon Public Library, 1973
San Diego – Yokohama Exhibition: 1979
University of Tennessee: 1984
Maple Creek Gallery: 1984
Vista Gem & Mineral Club Biennial: 2000, 2002, 2004, & 2006
San Diego Natural History Museum: 2005
Oceanside Museum of Art: 2009

Gallery & Juried Exhibitions
Newport Art Association: 1972 & 1975
Cambridge Art Association: 1974 & 1975
Brockton Art Center (Sales & Rental Gallery): 1974 & 1975
Goethe Institute: 1975
Boston Visual Artist’s Union Gallery: 1975
Jordan Marsh Annual: 1975
Daniel Frishman Gallery: 1975
Nashua Arts & Science Center: 1975
Nasrudin Gallery: 1974 - 1976
Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Company (Vault Gallery): 1976
Northeastern University: 1976
Orr’s Gallery: 1976 – 1982
Jewish Community Center: 1978 & 1979
San Diego Museum of Art (Sales & Rental Gallery): 1977 – 1981
Rigg’s Gallery: 1982 & 1983
San Diego Art Guild: 1982
John Stanhope Gallery: 1987


Senator Edward Brooke (R. Mass.) 2/5/74
“Dennis Paul Batt’s bold exciting ‘Vibrations’ bespeaks a powerful, original artist at work.”

Richard Dymond “New England Business Journal” 6/25/74
“These paintings are poly-chromatic: colors laid side by side in flawlessly engineered geometric
configurations… The individual patches of color seem to vibrate like the strings of a harp trembling long
after the last chord has become audible.”

Mary Lou Kelly “Christian Science Monitor” 5/18/76
“His most distinctive compositions are horizontal rows signifying land, water, and sky, each decorated
with repeated details such as mountains, waves, and clouds, often garnished with one or more figures.”

Richard Reilly “The San Diego Union” 3/27/77
“Gouache is a difficult technique, but one that is particularly suited to the work of Dennis Batt, for his
compositions draw one’s attentions to the freshness and lightness of ‘things’… all creating a unique
harmony of colors, rendered with the artist’s own stylization.”

Jan Jennings “The San Diego Evening Tribune” 1/19/79
“Dennis Batt plays with a myriad of disciplines in visual expression… Particularly impressive are his
renderings of interiors where he juggles the inspirations of Picasso, Pollock, and Vaserely, as well as
primitive influence and comes up with strong compositions, which invite eye movement all over the
canvas… he fuses a variety of artistic approaches, he is also cunning enough to blend them skillfully
and gracefully… In each of Batt’s paintings there is precision and color modulation.”


COMMERCIAL ART - clients 1979 - 2007

Aker Leather, Courseware, Air Bahia, Krasne's Triple K Manufacturing, Variable Impressions, LA Helicopter, The Seafood Source, IBM, The Professional Psychologist-CSPA, University of Humanistic Studies, Gourmet Sprouting Company, Academy of San Diego Psychologists, Street Scene, Texas Instruments, LAK Advertising, United States Navy, Canadian Airforce, Adizes Institute, Wolfstone & Associates, Phillip's Organization, Apple Graphics, Amazing Production Company, 2001 Sudios, Buchanon Vinson, Reavis Communications, John Meade & Associates, Design Quarter, Baldini & Associates, Tom Baker Architectural Illustration, John Meyer III, Designs by M.E., David Evans, Alden Design, Southwest Bank, El Cajon Valley Bank, Security Pacific National Bank, L.D. Porcelain Products, SAI, Softech Microsystems, Fluid Systems, ITT, SPI, Litton UHS, Oak Industries, IMED, Diagnostic Biochemistry, Sonic Systems, Hydrocurve, Computer Specialties, Jonny Industries, David Lampall Photography, LA Skycab, Armorlite, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Woman's World, The Merry Mouse, Vernon Tool Company, SMPS, Merit Leather, Gun Leather Trader, Holster Lady, California Air Express, Fenwick, Extelon, Wagner's of La Jolla, Fanio's Beauty Salon, Innovations Hair Salon, Zimiz Hair Salon, Holistic Living News, Rancho Bernardo News, Art Leitch Realtors, Reality Register, E.F. Couvrette Custom homes, Genghis Khan Furniture, The Good Earth, XHRM, Camera World, Pacific Honda, Bohemian Bread, Sunnaire Refridgeration, San Diego Appliance, Interceptor Alarm, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Medical Pet Research, Triple E, M&M Court Systems, C.Y.C.L.E., The Legends Company, California Seafood, Golden State Ballet, San Diego Civic Ballet, Sea World, AT&T, SOFTRA, McGraw Hill, NCR, CALMA, Dutch Growers Nursuries LTD, World Famous Smoked Fish Company, Scampi Lures, Sushi Inc., Micro View Products, Dr. Winkler, Junket Judy, Strictly Reggae, NAPP, The Sickles Group, Cliff's Notes, JLJ Productions,Taco Bell, ADCIS, Colgate Palmolive, Curatech, Situational Leadership, Video Cassette Network, SRA, ELGAR, American Film Technologies, Dependable Locksmith Services, Fujitsu, Allstate, Hewlett Packard, Peat Marwick, Unicor, CNN, Napa, Alexander & Alexander, Mepcopal, Lubrimart-Tunemart, Beyond Vision Art.